We believe that whole-person wellness involves:

Spiritual Health

Spiritual well-being is achieved through reading, studying, and obeying God’s Word. Through this, we experience peace in our inner being through surrendering our lives to Christ.

Emotional Stability

Emotional health is brought about by lining up our thought-life with God’s Word and by depending on the Holy Spirit to help us control our emotions in a godly manner.

Physical Health

Physical health involves taking proper care of our bodies through physical activity, nutrition, sleep and rest, and pursuing medical treatment as needed.

Wellness Opportunities

PLEASE NOTE: Several of these opportunities are not running as they normally do due to the coronavirus. If you have questions regarding these programs, contact the church office.

12-Step Overcoming Addiction Study

Families of Addicts

Blood Pressure Screenings


This group is for those who face life-controlling challenges (like drugs, alcohol, depression, anger, etc.). The group meets weekly for an in-depth study of “The Heart of Addiction” by Dr. Mark Shaw. There is time for discussion regarding the challenges each person faces.

The purpose of this weekly meeting is to bring encouragement and hope to the friends, family members, spouse, or loved ones of an addict.

Blood pressure screenings are typically held the second Sunday of the month before, in-between, and after the morning services. Blood pressure monitoring cards are provided.

This group meets weekly while the session is running and watches a video seminar on DVD. The videos cover topics that are essential to recovery from the hurt of grief and loss. The videos feature real-life stories of people who have experienced the death of a loved one.