Course Offerings

SUNDAYS at 9:15a

Elijah and Elisha
Room 117/118  |  Pastor Rick Painter 

Elijah and Elisha were two miracle-working prophets of the Old Testament. These men raised the dead, called down fire from heaven, and helped the poor in miraculous ways. They confronted the rich and powerful and demonstrated that God cares for the poor and the powerless.

The Power of the Lord’s Prayer
Room 134  |  Tina Schneider

The Apostle Paul exhorted the Philippians to pray in every situation and present their requests to God (Philippians 4:6). Jesus taught His disciples how to pray simply and directly, and we can do the same utilizing His words found in Matthew 6:9–13. As Christians, we know these words as the Lord’s Prayer, but do we really know the POWER of this prayer? Learn how to access the strength and compassion of our Father in heaven, as we go through the Lord’s Prayer.

How To Join
Rooms 139  |  Jim Smart and Ron Salava

At Poplar Creek Church, we want to help you become a greater part of the living, growing body of Christ! Church can be a place where real people join together to grow in Christ! Don’t miss out as we learn about the godly sense of community that God has planned for his Church. The class meets the 2nd and 3rd Sundays of each month, except December. Attendance is required at both sessions. Please register here.


Spiritual Warfare
Room 117/118  |  Ruth St. Pierre

How can we defend ourselves against the snares and attacks of the devil? Join us as we use God’s Word and Christ’s examples to combat the enemy.

The Acts of the Holy Spirit
Room 132/133  |  Pastor Rick Painter

The book of Acts shows how the Holy Spirit led the first century church through community growth, internal struggles, and external persecution.  With the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, the story of Jesus went from a group of 12 disciples living in Israel to churches throughout the Roman Empire. The growth of the church continues to this day around the world!

The Healing Room
Room 134  |  Pat and Toni Burns

You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know something’s wrong. Why do you experience hurt, pain, anger, or depression? Why do you reach out for a substance that will make you feel better but will only leave you more hurt and disillusioned? Come to the Healing Room where we will learn the Word of God and experience His presence. It’s in that secret place where you’ll find healing and victory. 

Young Adult Bible Study
Room 135  |  Andy Romano and Michael Harman-DeRosier

Poplar Creek Young Adults exist to draw people aged 18–35 closer to the Lord. We do this through discussion and investigation of the Scriptures. We emphasize the need for practical application of biblical truths to be young adult ambassadors for Christ. When you come, you will find great fellowship, fun, and life-changing community.

Moms’ Group
Room 137  |  Heather St. Pierre

A place where mothers can come to relax, talk, and hear about what’s going on with other mothers and how to biblically succeed at parenting. 

Just Us Guys
Room 138  |  Terry Miller

This is a time for men to get together and work on being better men. This will be a time to share and pray for the needs of our families and futures and to receive prayer and encouragement led by the Holy Spirit. Topics will include: creating family time, spiritual accountability, testimonies, and sharing about your favorite fishing spot, best golf story, grilling tips, and dream vacations. We will also plan time for corn hole, volleyball, catch, etc.