Spring 2021 Classes

Wednesday night adult education classes are back! There are six class options you can attend in-person at the New Berlin location at 6:45p. Dr. Rick’s class, Love and Law, will be live-streamed in order to provide a virtual option.

What I Wish I Knew Just Might Help You!
Rooms 117/118  |  Beth Miller

Raising kids can be a challenge. This class will be for parents of all ages as we continue to learn God’s best for us and our changing family life, from birth on.

In the Middle of the Mess: Strength for this Beautiful, Broken Life
Room 139  |  Pastor Dana Bonelli

In this DVD series, Sheila Walsh shares her personal struggle with depression and how using the spiritual disciplines of confession, prayer, and meditation on Scripture helped her break free from a cycle of despair to experience newfound joy in Christ. God’s power can be made perfect in our weakness.

Young Adult Bible Study
Room 135  |  Andy Romano and others

Poplar Creek Young Adults exist to draw people aged 18–35 closer to the Lord. We do this through discussion and investigation of the Scriptures. We emphasize the need for practical application of biblical truths to be young adult ambassadors for Christ. When you come, you will find great fellowship, fun, and life-changing community.

Love and Law
Worship Center  |  Pastor Rick Painter

The laws in the book of Deuteronomy come from a loving God who wants His people to experience a full, abundant life. Deuteronomy was very significant for various people. It was quoted three times by Jesus during his temptations; it was very prominent among the Dead Sea Scrolls, and it is one of the most-quoted books in the New Testament. It still has significance for the church today.

Soul Refiner
Room 137  |  Jeff Amidon and Pat Burns

Start date to be announced!

Soul Refiner is a series of teachings that focuses on inner healing. The church is ground zero for people who are hurting, broken, and struggling with addictions. This is a series that will focus on proven, Bible-based tools.

Hope and Help for Struggling Families
Room 136  |  Jodi Amidon and Toni Burns

Start date to be announced!

The main purpose for this class is to bring encouragement and hope to you as the friend, family member, spouse, or loved one of someone dealing with a life-controlling issue.

We will continue to livestream Dr. Rick Painter’s Wednesday night class in order to provide a virtual attendance option. The class is held at 6:45p on Facebook.

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