Course Offerings

SUNDAYS at 9:15a

Prophets, Priests, and the Palace
Room 117/118  |  Pastor Rick Painter 

Living godly lives seems to be an easy task, but life is filled with ups and downs, nationally and personally. Living godly lives in a broken and fallen world is far from easy. The books of I & II Kings and I & II Chronicles present a story of God’s people on a journey away from God, back to God, and away from God again. Above all, we see in these books the message of God’s faithfulness and patience toward his people even when they are not faithful toward Him.

Nehemiah 3: The Ten Gates of Jerusalem
Room 134  |  Ruth St. Pierre

What ten gates were in the walls of Jerusalem? What was their significance? How are they related to our spiritual growth? Join us as we discuss the Scriptures related to these questions. 

We Love Missions
Room 137  |  Todd Bacon

Poplar Creek Church has a long history of being missions-focused. Our Missions Sunday School class will be centered on the “Missions Dilemma” video series by Steve Saint. This series attempts to help us look at missions through the eyes of the receivers. A workbook is available to go along with the video series at a cost of $5 each (not required). In addition to this series, we will also get to know a little more about some of the various missionaries Poplar Creek supports. 

How To Join
Rooms 139  |  Jim Smart and Ron Salava

At Poplar Creek Church, we want to help you become a greater part of the living, growing body of Christ! Church can be a place where real people join together to grow in Christ! Don’t miss out as we learn about the godly sense of community that God has planned for his Church. The class meets the 2nd and 3rd Sundays of each month, except December. Attendance is required at both sessions. Please register here.


The Mind of Christ Bible Study
Room 117/118  |  Pastor Dana Bonelli & Beth Miller

The Mind of Christ is an in-depth discipleship study that introduces believers to a lifelong process through which God will renew their minds and their lives to reflect the image of Christ. The changes that the Holy Spirit brings in our lives are secret and inward, and they will bear fruit that will be visible in our outer man, in our behavior, actions, and speech.We will be using The Mind of Christ Member Workbook by T.W. Hunt and Claude V. King. You can purchase it at the class. If you have any questions, please call Pastor Dana at 262.385.8471.

The Picture-Perfect Church
Room 132/133  |  Pastor Rick Painter

The Church may be more perfect than we think. Paul begins Ephesians with an exalted picture of who Christians are in Christ and ends with a picture of the Church standing victoriously in the armor of God. Between these two pictures, Paul sees the church as a temple, a body, and a bride. Paul does not see a divided church but one fully unified in Christ and the Spirit because the Church does not rest on people, but upon Christ.

Young Adult Bible Study
Room 135  |  Andy Romano and others

Poplar Creek Young Adults exist to draw people aged 18–35 closer to the Lord. We do this through discussion and investigation of the Scriptures. We emphasize the need for practical application of biblical truths to be young adult ambassadors for Christ. When you come, you will find great fellowship, fun, and life-changing community.

Moms’ Group
Room 137  |  Heather St. Pierre

A place where mothers can come to relax, talk, and hear about what’s going on with other mothers and how to biblically succeed at parenting. 

Authentic Manhood
Room 138  |  Jason Maupin

Many men lack clarity about what it truly means to be a man. As a result, they are in a state of confusion. They end up disappointed with life and find themselves lonely and drifting. Here’s the good news: God has a really clear purpose and unique vision for men, and He lays it out for us in His Word. We call it “authentic manhood”. We will be using the Authentic Manhood Training Guide. You can purchase the book at the class.