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The Gathering Place is an urban (Milwaukee), Inter-Tribal (many different tribes), Native American Church Plant. Our mission is to rebuild tribal nations through the healing power of the Holy Spirit, fellowship, prayer, language learning, serving others, and gathering for traditional foods.

We value each tribal nation as a distinct people group created in the image of God. We value the history of each tribe, including acknowledging the past from a Native perspective. We value the land on which God has strategically placed Native nations. We value Indigenous language revitalization as a source of cultural identity & communication of God’s Word.


No. Most Native American churches are located on or near Indian reservations and serve that local tribe.

70-80% of Native Americans live in urban areas (not on reservations) with 10-15,000 in the Milwaukee metro area. Currently, there are no Pentecostal outreaches to Native Americans in or near Milwaukee.

No, but think missionally. Prepare to serve by learning about the culture as if you were going overseas.

We believe

  • Healthy relationships are the foundation of a healing community.

  • Our prayers will regularly be answered.

  • Biblical & cultural teachings along with current events in Native Country help us understand the world we live in.

  • Learning arts, crafts, and stories will help us attain and pass along sacred knowledge to the next generations.

  • Language is a window into how people think, thus we must take every opportunity to learn indigenous languages.

  • Serving others locally, regionally, and internationally is the best way to keep our hearts open to how fortunate we are.

  • Fellowship over traditional food is good medicine.

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